In Lesvos, the island of olive-trees, crossroad of cultures and a place, where nature makes great things through the endless variations of blue and green with impressive groves, the “Olive Wood Processing Industry by Mr. Michael Prodromou” was established.

In Pamfila, a village hidden in soap and olive presses, a small industry was founded by Michael and Mirsini Prodromou. With love and yearning, for having grown up with olives, we sealed, with our unique and spotless work, the manufacturing sector of olive wood. With the wood of this blessed tree, we produce everyday household and decorative items. These items are stylish, elegant and gorgeous, since wonderful and unique is the olive wood itself. This is why it has been also depicted in paintings by artists for and praised by poets.

The range of our products is large and it is constantly being updated in accordance with the wishes of our customers. All of them are made with technique and above all through our love for folk art. The raw material, the wood of the olive-tree, comes from lesbian olive groves. We obtain it from farmers, who, each year, prune their olive trees to keep them healthy.